Finance Committe

A quick primer on church finances

The Solon United Methodist church relies on financial support of its members to function.  There is no other money source.  Just like any entity that has a budget, the church receives income (donations) that pay expenses such as salaries, heat, lights, snow removal etc…

SUMC is not off to a strong start fiscal start for 2019.

Typical church giving follows a very predictable pattern; with higher levels in January through March as well as October through December.  The middle months are normally lower, but this year we are significantly lower.  For example, the month of May of this year we had the lowest revenue in the past five years, but our expenses are not any lower.

Please remember church finances during the summer time period and keep up on your giving and donations to enable SUMC to operate and carry out our mission –  Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of our world.   Salaries need to be paid, as do the electric bills and the bills to cut the grass.

With June ending, we have three more months to go before our school year programs start back up and we expect our giving patterns to increase.  Thank you very much and please call me with any questions (319-530-4987).

Dave Weetman

If you have any questions regarding church finances, please contact Dave Weetman, Chair, SUMC Finance Committee at 319-530-4987.