A Note from the Finance Committee

Many of you are aware that our church has established several different compartments, or funds, to help us keep track of our income and expenses. For example, we have a memorial fund, a flower fund, a capital improvement fund, and a general fund, among others.

The General Fund is the one that is used to pay operating expenses such as: worship (including music) and education program needs, office supplies, staff salaries and benefits, utilities, apportionments, kitchen supplies, and maintenance of buildings. Income for the fund comes mainly from offerings and donations, but some comes from building usage fees and fundraisers as well.

As the table to the right shows, our General Fund has run a deficit for the past several years—we’re in the hole, we’re in the red, we’re in debt! Fortunately, because of the existence of other funds that have had a positive balance, our checking account is not in the red. In addition, you can see that this deficit has begun to improve over the last couple of years. The General Fund balance will fluctuate somewhat from month to month, but we are striving to reduce it to nearly zero in the near future. In fact, the goal of the Finance Committee is to see our deficit cut in half by the end of 2015, to about -$12,800. This can happen with judicious spending and faithful giving by all of us, so please adopt this goal with us and do what you can to help make it a reality.

Please give prayerful consideration to how you or your family can contribute to meeting this goal. Look for updates on our progress in future newsletters. Thank you.

-The Finance Committee