Family Life Center

Family Life Center Building Reservation Form

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We believe that the Solon United Methodist Church (SUMC) and Family Life Center (FLC) is God’s house. Therefore it is open to all of God’s children. We invite members and others in the community to use the facility and to feel at home here. The buildings and sights of SUMC and FLC are available to church members, local nonprofit entities, and individuals promoting Christian, cultural, educational, civic or recreational activities. Such use will be permitted if it does not interfere with or disrupt the ministries and programs of SUMC. Organizations and individuals who wish to use SUMC and/or FLC must fill out this reservation form. It shall be the responsibility of the Building Coordinator to determine if the facility is available and whether the application for use meets with the mission and purpose of the facility. Preferred use of the facility is for church programs and events, and then not-for-profit activities and organizations. SUMC may, on a case-by-case basis, allow profit-based activities or programs which are compatible with the mission and ministry of SUMC.

  1. A fee of $25/hour is charged for the use of all facilities for one-time events, or the Fellowship Hall can be rented for a total charge of $50 per event.
  2. Ongoing practices and reservations at the Family Life Center may be eligible for a volume discount of $25/2 hours.
  3. Church sponsored activities have no charge, as well as scouts, 4-H, Solon Parks & Rec, Senior Dining, blood drives, etc.
  4. Rental payment for building use must be received by SUMC no later than 24 hours in advance of rental. If a key to building or room is necessary, a refundable deposit of $30 must be received by SUMC no later than 24 hours in advance of rental.
  5. The church reserves a right to request additional fees for cleaning or deposits guarding against misuse and damage.

Your reservation is not complete until the SUMC and Family Life Center Building Reservation Form has been returned to the SUMC church office along with the agreed-upon fees and deposit. Please submit the completed reservation request to the SUMC Building Coordinator, Deb Sheets, at or dropping it off at the Church Office. If you have questions, please call Deb at 319-624-2288. Once the reservation has been approved the Building Coordinator will post it on the Church calendar.