DR Miller – Security

Miller: The origin of the Scottish surname is from a burn (rivulet) in Glasgow, namely the molindinar (Mo-lynn-dine-are), and the name has evolved over the years to molindar Mo-lynn-dar and to molinar mo-lynn-ar and to Millar and finally to Miller. The first record of the name was in Dumfriesshire, Scotland.

DR– what might that mean?  Dependable Resident, Diligent Reader, Dazzling Reporter, Daring Recreationist—you decide.

Miller is the Surname of the newest member of our staff – DR Miller.  (No it’s not Doctor Miller, but rather Dan R. Miller, but he goes by his initials – D.R.).  DR joined us in the latter part of September as our new security person, meaning he locks up the church and FLC every night and unlocks them again every morning, along with checking that lights are off and a few other odds and ends.  It’s an extra perk that DR lives right next door to the church, and thus is more likely to notice something out of the ordinary (such as someone like me leaving without shutting down the AV in the sanctuary).

DR Miller’s ancestors came to the US from Scotland in 1750 and spread out across the SE part of the US, moving to Louisiana  and Mississippi in covered wagons.  DR is an only child and knows of no ties to any of the Millers in Iowa.

DR was born in Louisiana, near New Orleans.  His family moved to Iowa when he was young and he later graduated from Dubuque Sr High.  In 1974 he moved to Iowa City and worked in retail.  Later he attended University of Iowa and graduated with a BS in Journalism and Mass Communication.   In 1985 he moved to the Solon area and lived at the Cottage Reserve until 2000, and now lives in Solon, right next door to our church.

DR has over 25 years of service at the UI working the last 19 years for UIHC.  He began at the Office of Public Information, now called University Relations as a photographer and later as supervisor of Photo Unit.   He stepped away from the university temporarily when he became a reporter for the IC Press Citizen and later for the CR Gazette.  In 1993 he returned to UIHC and worked for Internal Medicine in the Scheduling area, then moved to Material Services as Supervisor of their Business Office.  He eventually moved to Patient Financial Services as a Supervisor, and his last position before retirement was with Revenue Integrity (they were charged with making sure insurance companies were paying patient claims per their contract with UIHC, and in the time he was there they reclaimed $22 million dollars for the hospital!)

DR loves to play golf and is an avid camper who has spent time exploring the BWCAW in NE Minnesota for over 25 years.  In case you’re not familiar with this acronym, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is a unique area located in the northern third of the Superior National Forest.

DR describes it as peaceful, with abundant wildlife and what a view of the stars at night without light pollution!   My guess is DR may have some stories to be told, so try bringing up the subject-you never know what you may learn.

A closing note from DR: “I am pleased to be part of the SUMC staff and am appreciative of the opportunity to serve.  People can recognize me by my back pack where I carry my air tank.”