Vacation Bible School (VBS)

WOW! What an awesome week!  – I’m so glad things pretty much went off without a hitch.


Total participants:  59

Money raised: $303 – 1st and 2nd grade crew raised the most ($64) and chose to donate to Ronald McDonald House

MS and HS Helpers: Abby Smith, Cassandra McPherson, Kale Mostrom, Peyton Wheeler, Sarah Roy, Maddie Kerkove, Natalie Sherman, Owen Sherman, Brianna Kerkove, Lauren Fischer, Brynn Deike, Jodi Smith, Luke Woessner, Mitchell McPherson, Milo Wolf, Elizabeth Hand, Jude Johnson, Jeannie Jedlicka, Kate Richards, Lauren Bevans, Rylie Johnson, Alex Locke, Jamie Calef, Caroline Sherman,  Addie Owen, Ethan Swan, Garret Swan, Bo Janssen

Adult Helpers: Jodi Smith, Amanda Kleppe, Gloria Ritchie, Connie Railsback, Natalie Jacobson, Carol Richards, Karen Hahn, Lindy Hopp, Angie Janssen, Ruth Ann Richards, Janelle Kerkove, Katie Deike, Kate Gordon

Set-Up Crew: Jeff & Jennifer Alan, Travis and Janelle Kerkove & family, Karen Hahn, Amanda Kleppe, Karla Puettman, Connie Railsback, Peyton Wheeler, Caroline Sherman, Katie Deike, Kate Gordon

Tear-Down Crew: Jodi & Abby Smith, Travis and Janelle Kerkove & Family, Katie Deike, Kate Gordon

Special Thanks to Deb Havel for spending an afternoon helping prep materials!

EXTRA Special Thanks to Deb Sheets for all the behind the scenes work!!!