Finance Committe

A Note on Our Financial Fitness


Summer is just around  the corner.  As I write this, we’re about 30 days from Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial start to summer!  More daylight,  pleasant temperatures…

Due to a variety of factors, the attendance at worship tends to dip in the summer.  Sunday school is in summer recess, as is the Chancel Choir.     Family travel and vacations pick up, and the summer sports often have tournaments with games on Sunday mornings.

Historically, when our attendance dips down, so does our offering.  And on the surface, that makes sense. If you’re not in services, you’re not there to make that contribution.

But the work of Solon United Methodist Church, on behalf of Christ, does not take the summer off.  Vacation Bible School, Worship, special music, all occur during the summer.   Meanwhile, the cost of operating the buildings varies little between summer and winter, as we trade heating and snow removal costs for air conditioning and lawn care costs…Staff costs are steady throughout the year.

Enjoy the summer!  And as you are able, remember our church, and our God’s work,  needs your financial support throughout the year!

Mark Hearn

Finance Chair