Adult Education is for ALL of God’s children. The vision of Adult Con.nect classes is to – connect with God and connect with others. By doing this we will let our faith shine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know it’s not easy. Faith and life are both full of peaks and valleys. But with the support, prayers, and encouragement that we offer to each other, God’s love is with us.

The following CON.NECT classes meet Sundays at 9:15 AM: (Note – there are no classes during the summer) 

Homebuilder's Outing

Homebuilder’s Outing


The Home Builder’s Class – This group is for couples wanting a faith-based approach to strengthening and growing marriages. It is a class that offers fellowship and biblical direction for your relationship with God, each other and your families, taught by Mike & Kim Turner. They meet at the Family Life Center, Room 202.



Wesley Class

The Wesley Class – is challenging our faith through exploration, life-sharing, scripture, & discovery, taught by Phil & Tawnia Kakacek (9:10 am). They meet in the Family Life Center, Room 102.

The Seekers – This group explores the Bible one book at a time.  This group meets downstairs in the SUMC Church, Room 102.

Traveling Light  is designed to provide you with encouragement on your personal faith journey.  We use Bible based videos and materials to help stimulate discussion in light and welcoming ways.  The goal is to help each other travel light by removing many of the burdens in life that weigh us down, in order to become the traveling light of God to the world.  For more information contact Rick Havel at or 319-530-1596.   Peace be with you!  Traveling Light  meets each Sunday at 9:15 in the church basement.

Coffee with Scott: Have you ever had a hard question about God or your faith, but been afraid to ask anyone about it? Class is taught by Pastor Scott Keele Kober. Meet in the Fellowship Hall.


Interested in attending any of the classes? Contact Pastor Scott at