Christian Education Hour

Christian Education Hour is from 9 to 10 AM

(September 10, 2017 – May 7, 2018)  

(We do not have Sunday School during the summer.  Look for more information about Vacation Bible School announcements in June.)

Christian Education is for all ages at 9:00 AM beginning September 11. The Christian Education hour offers classes to further discussion and enriched fellowship. For more information on each class, please click on one of the links:  Children and Youth,  Adults

The children’s classes and locations are as follows:

  • * Preschool (ages 3 & 4) – taught by Jay & Helen Proffitt – LL, 2nd hallway, last classroom on right
  • * Pre-K / Kindergarten (ages 5 & 6) – taught by Jen Hawks and Alice Mally – LL, 2nd hallway, last classroom on left
  • * 1st grade –taught by Mike and Amanda Kleppe – LL, 2nd hallway, first classroom on left
  • *2nd grade – taught by Elizabeth Hand and James McAtee -LL, 2nd hallway, second classroom on right
  • * 3rd grade – taught by Jodi Smith and Kate Gordon – LL, 2nd hallway, first classroom on right
  • * 4th grade – taught by Kera Recker, a co-teacher is still needed – LL, 2nd hallway, turn right up the stairs, second room on left
  • 5th & 6th grade – taught by Michelle Gnida & Jill Weetman – LL, 1st  hallway, last classroom on left (church library)
  • 7th & 8th grade – taught by Sue Wilkinson & Charity Adams – FLC, up stairs, first classroom on right
  • 9th – 12th grade – taught by Jason Owen, a co-teacher is still needed – FLC, up stairs, third classroom on right

* Children’s music (Preschool-6th grade)  will meet in their classrooms, and as a part of Sunday School will walk with their class to the lower level large group room.  7th grade and up are invited to join the Adult choir for practice and performances.

Adult Con.nect Groups (Connect with God, connect with others)

  • Home Builders is a class that offers fellowship and biblical direction for your relationship with God, each other and your families, taught by Mike & Kim Turner. – FLC, up stairs, second classroom on right
  • Wesley Class is challenging our faith through exploration, life-sharing, scripture, & discovery, taught by Phil & Tawnia Kakacek (9:10 am) – FLC, downstairs, first classroom on right
  • Traveling Light will be lead by Rick Havel. This class will help you use materials to further your learning related to Pastor Scott’s  worship message.
  • Coffee with Scott: Have you ever had a hard question about God or your faith, but been afraid to ask anyone about it? Class is taught by Pastor Scott Keele Kober. – Fellowship Hall

LL = Lower Level of Church, FLC =  Family Life Center